Introducing…Ellen Susanne Designs

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    Knitting has been my passion since I learned during a year studying abroad in Norway (1984), but I’ve always loved the arts and crafting. From my earliest memories, my mom was sewing, painting, and doing all kinds of crafts…and the positive energy her activities generated in our home was contagious…I think it was inevitable that creating beautiful things with my hands seemed as integral to life as breathing. In college, I majored in art, which informed and gave shape to the theoretical underpinnings of my sense of design…and then I discovered knitting, which has felt like “home” to me ever since.

     Against all convention, even before learning to swatch or knit a scarf, my very first project was a Fair Isle child’s cardigan (steeked). I learned that the most powerful motivator to capture interest and learn is to be working on something that challenges you and rewards you with unfolding beauty and a sense of accomplishment. My own creative process for designing patterns seeks to infuse my designs with a gem like this…perhaps an explosion of color, a twist with texture, or an unexpected technique that will make the experience of knitting both interesting and rewarding. All of my designs are available for download online at my Ravelry store which you can reach by following the link above to “Patterns” — there are designs for all levels, from the beginner to the expert. I hope you will share your experiences with me!