Technique: Blocking


Blocking is a method by which you can manipulate the shape and finish of your knitted project. Sometimes, one benefits from blocking while working on a project, for example, if edges are rolling or if you need to seam a side or sleeve and you want to make sure the two pieces are matching up properly. More often, blocking occurs at the end of the project. It would be a rare project that does not benefit from blocking and different types of projects and yarns call for different types of blocking. Oftentimes, a steam blocking is sufficient for blocking occurring mid-project; a full water soak is recommended at the conclusion of most projects. The soak will allow extra dye and grease from the machine spinning process to be released from the fibers, it can also contribute to the overall “bloom” of the yarns. Oftentimes, uneven knitting will find forgiveness in the blocking process and, due to the stretchiness of the fibers, finished dimensions can be stretched larger and/or bunched in smaller. It is the critical final step that should never be skipped.