Stitch: Bobbles


The Bobble stitch is actually a sequence of stitches stacked upon each other that has the effect of creating ball-like texture which stands out from the fabric of your knitting. The size of the bobble and the extend to which is more round or flat will depend on the type of yarn used and number of stitches stacked into the bobble. There are a variety of techniques used to create bobbles, regardless they all go by the same generic term of bobble.

The Winter Wonder Shawl is offered as a free download if you to try your hand at bobbles on a quick and easy knit.


  • Knit into the front and back of the stitch twice; turn and purl the 4 sts; turn and knit the 4 sts; bind off 3 of the 4 sts by slipping the second st over the first 3 times to return the count to one.

My Designs Using Bobbles