Stitch: Knit Below


As you knit this stitch, place the point of your working needle into the stitch on the fifth row below the new row you are working and gently unravel all of the stitches above this new stitch you are creating. If you are using a super bulky or boucle yarn, it may be easier to ease these stitches free before completing the new stitch; but, with a standard plied yarn, they can be unraveled later if you prefer. Typically, the unraveled stitches are tacked into the new stitch being knit (insert both needles from the front of the piece, wrap the working yarn from the back to make the knit stitch). This stitch is sometimes called a Bubble Stitch. In effect, it is a method of reducing number of rows (not number of stitches) at a specific location in the work.

My Designs Using This Stitch