Style: Brioche


There are many different instructions for Brioche, but what they all hold in common is a slipped stitch and a yarn over which are worked together on the subsequent row.  These stitches may also be made by knitting into the row below (equivalent to the slipped stitch) and dropping the stitch above (equivalent to the yarn over). It can be knit flat or in the round, with one or two colors, and produces a fabric that appears similar to a simple rib, but with more depth.

Knitting Daily offers a free PDF ebook which includes instructions and patterns for Brioche; it is hosted on the Interweave site and requires that you sign up for free access:

Free Brioche Knitting Guide and Patterns

See also: Brioche Stitch Knitting by Nancy Marchant

My Designs Using Brioche

  • Nestled with Color Note: complete instructions are provided in the pattern for working the brioche.