Style: Lace


A style of knitting characterized by stable “holes” in the fabric, arranged aesthetically; typically, pairing a yarn over stitch with a nearby (usually adjacent) decrease. Pairing a yarn over with a decrease keeps the stitch count constant. The holes can be more or less obvious, depending on the overall stitch pattern creating the knitted fabric.


Use Stitch Markers to Set Apart Pattern Repeats: Sometimes, but not always, there is a distinct set of pattern repeats in each row or a round of lace knitting, setting these sections apart with stitch markers will make your work easier.

Use a Life Line: Typically, it is more challenging to ladder down to fix mistakes in lace knitting; by using a life line, you can rip back with ease of mind.

My Designs Using Lace Motifs

  • Myrhorn (soon to be released)