Strikkestua *beta

Strikkestua — New in fall 2019!

(strikkestua = knitting den) This page is under construction during the beta period of developing my retreats so it will be evolving. Pricing for the various add-ons is yet to be developed.

You build it: Customized small group retreats held at my studio

4 Participants maximum


4 hours  to overnight, you design (towels and bedding provided, bring your own pillow and knitting supplies)

Food and Drink Add-ons

  • Nordic Breakfast (Frokost),
  • Nordic Lunch or Picnic (Lunsj or Matpakke),
  • Nordic Dinner (Middag),
  • Nordic Coffee and Sweets (Kaffe).

See sample menus below.

Activity Add-ons

  • Test knit a new knitting design (upon request, I can build the kits, otherwise I will provide a materials and supplies list)
  • Short seminar on variety of topics: Scandinavian knitting designs, theory and/or techniques (e.g., Selbu knitting, steeks, color work, olympics and knitting, etc.)
  • Browse my library of Scandinavian books on the countries and fiber arts of Scandinavia
  • Personal massage by a licensed massage therapist: options include hands and arms (10 min = $15) , shoulders and neck (15 min = $20), or full body (30 – $40; or 60 minutes = $80) prices are before tip 
  • Bike ride High Trestle Trail
  • Cross country skiing at Jester Park
  • For overnights, knit and wine evening knit-alongs with BYOB. 
  • Yarn hop local yarn shops/alpaca farms (Maxwell, Winterset, West Des Moines, Ankeny, Ames, Newton)


Sample Menus

Kaffe (Afternoon Coffee and Sweets)

  • kaffe (coffee)
  • vafler (heart-shaped dessert waffles)
  • brunost (brown cheese, a blend of goat and cow)
  • bringebær syltetøy (raspberry jam)
  • rømme (sour cream)
  • mandlerkake (almond cake)

Middag (Dinner)

  • Karbonade med løk (meat patties with crispy onions)
  • Kjøttkaker (meatballs)
  • Ertestuing (creamed green peas)
  • brun saus (gravy)
  • brød (bread)
  • potet (boiled potatoes)
  • rødkĂĄl (red cabbage)
  • tyttebær (lingonberries)
  • bestemørs saft (granny’s fruit punch)
  • hjemlagt is (homemade ice cream)

Kveldsmat (Evening Food)

  • te (tea)
  • ost (cheese platter)
  • kjeks (crackers)
  • BYOB for wine etc.

Frokost (Breakfast)

  • egg (hard or soft boiled or scrambled)
  • brød (bread)
  • shinke (ham)
  • laks (salmon)
  • jarlsburg ost (Norwegian white cheese)
  • sild (pickled herring)
  • bringebær syltetøy (raspberry jam)
  • agurk (cucumber)
  • tomat (tomato)
  • brunost (brown cheese, blend of goat and cow)
  • kaffe (coffee)
  • eplesaft (apple juice)

Matpakke (picnic lunch)

  • smørbrød  (each makes their own open-faced sandwiches of bread, mayonnaise, mustard, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, cheese, ham)
  • bestemors saft (granny’s fruit punch)

Lunsj (lunch)

  • rømmegrøt (sweet cream porridge)
  • vafler (heart-shaped waffles served with jam)
  • spekekjøtt (cured meat)
  • flatbrød (flat bread)


  • Gul erte suppe (yellow pea soup)
  • brød (bread)
  • bestemors saft (granny’s fruit punch)


  • pølse med lompe (hot dogs)
  • potetgull (potato chips)
  • eplemøs (apple sauce)