Stashsaver Sachet Sock

Free Download: Stashsaver Sachet Sock on Ravelry

Friends don’t let friends get moths in their stash! This makes a fun, practical gift that can be knit up quickly with as much or as little embellishment as you desire. The knitted “socks” for the cedar planks provide a stylish and practical layer of separation between woolens that need protecting from moths and any natural oils that might exist on the wood chips (alternately, dried lavender sachet or cedar chips can be used as filling to create sachet pillows).

Make a bundled set as a gift or use left over yarn from your next sweater project and make a matching sachet sock to protect it from moths in your closet.

About the technique: The double knitting technique allows you to knit in the round using two DPNs. This simple pattern provides a quick and easy complete project for learning a technique that can be embellished with stripes, duplicate stitching, or fair isle designs.


*Specific techniques employed besides or other than basic knit and purl.

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