On Curiosity and Knitting

You found me!

Maybe you are a knitter.  I’ve never met a knitter without an inquiring spirit, her attention permanently stretched from her hands to the horizon–as she anticipates the discovery of a new pattern or yarn or technique, all the while click-click-clicking out the creation of a beautiful new life form on her needles. So, yes, you might be a knitter because knitters by definition are curious, captains all…of a ship permanently at sail on the quest for new discoveries that infuse color and pattern and texture into everyday life. No surprise then that a knitter might well find my blog in the sea of words and images on the Internet. But perhaps you are not tethered to needles by yarn? I hope that whether your clicking of choice is that of knitting needles or keys on your computer, you will click to follow my blog–do so either quietly or by chiming in with your own thoughts. Sure this blog will be about knitting–yarns, techniques, patterns–but it will also be about finding beauty, celebrating inquisitiveness, seeking out the extraordinary. I’ve been thinking about the role of curiosity in the life of a knitter and I think it might well be one of the core traits; I’m going to give it some more thought! In the mean time, I want to share this article with you written by Francesca Gino and printed in the Harvard Business Review (Sept-Oct 2018), just in case you, like me, are curious about curiosity: Why Curiosity Matters.

Stay tuned: My Myrhorn knitting pattern will be released later today. A unisex design that comes with instructions for both a cowl and a gaiter; knits up quickly with a special twist: it includes elements of both stranded and lace knitting. Free downloads for the first 5 days (Oct 17-21). Follow @ellensusannedesigns on Facebook for timely news releases.

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