Winter Solstice 2018

a troll inside a selbu mitten at candlelight

As a knitter, I find myself drawn to the traditions and lore of the winter solstice…
…that in the longest night of the year and the cold and the dark of winter there is warmth in candle light,
…that the owl calling outside my window knows the sun will come to replace my candle’s flame,
…that, just as the wheel of seasons turn, so turns the spinning wheel,
…and each bind off compels me to cast on again.

Wrapped in my cosy knits, I am grateful for the woolen warmth gifted from the animals who wore them first, and I am reminded that in life there are new beginnings just as in knitting…
…that holey socks can be darned,
…that stained wool can be dyed,
…that a frogged blanket can become a sweater.
The broken is mended, the blemished is reborn, the discarded is  transformed.

Let us slow down
….and listen to the silence,
….breathe deeply the cold winter air that has the power to put fire in our hearts,
….and ask nature to help us to remember what we have forgotten.

Darkness. Light.
Exhale. Inhale.
Let go. Embrace.
Be still. Dance.

Ellen Susanne
21 Dec 2018 Winter Solstice