Amity Coasters

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Celebrating Veterans Day 2018 by releasing this new pattern that is best made as a project among friends. Let’s celebrate what draws us together and work together in peace and joy.

“AMITY”—a synonym for friendliness, peacefulness, harmony and understanding—conjures up precisely what this pattern seeks to promote in the creation and use of this coaster. Make the coaster project an event for a group of friends by having each bring pre-cut supplies for one item and then mix the yarn up so each knitter goes home with a coaster composed of yarn shared between friends. A coaster celebrating friendship is the perfect practical décor for your cup of tea or glass of wine. The linen stitch creates a tight, compact, and decorative coaster that is both eye-catching and practical. This quick knit is a great project for using up scraps of sock yarn and makes a lovely gift item. The instructions assume 2 or more alternating colors, although it would look lovely worked in a solid color as well.

The completed dimensions for the small size (each requires 25 yds or less): 3” square without the fringe (perfect for a wine glass or espresso cup).

The completed dimensions for a large size (each requires 43 yds or less): 4” square without the fringe (perfect for a large coffee mug or beer stein).

While linen stitch can appear complicated, it is easily memorizable. The following stitches are used: cast on (long tail recommended but not required), knit, purl, slip 1, move yarn forward and move yarn back, bind off (sewn bind off recommended). Additionally, simple knots are used to tie the loose ends.

The specified yarn lengths are ample to simplify finishing; however, they could be shortened to accommodate a smaller amount of total yarn available for the project.




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