Nestled in Ombre (Scarf)

Purchase and Download: Nestled in Ombre on Ravelry

Wrap this scarf around your neck once or twice and experience being nestled in a big cloud of cosiness. The integrated tab means the ends will stay put even when you are walking in a heavy wind and the use of 5 colorways creates an unforgettable visual effect. Choose 5 shades of a single color for the appearance of Ombré or 5 distinct colors for a rainbow effect. Pattern is worked by holding two Aran-weight yarns together, shifting to each new colorway one strand at a time.

As the design is written assuming 5 different colorways of yarn, it provides details on how to pair the yarns and when to transition to new colorways. Approximately 778 yards total length of Aran-weight (or heavy worsted) yarn is needed. Since the yarn is held double, you will need to either work from two ends of each skein or split the skeins into two balls for working.


*Specific techniques employed besides or other than basic knit and purl.


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