Free Download: Fanaraaken on Ravelry

Not “just another scarf,” Fanaraaken provides four times the warmth with its completely reversible stranded design that boasts plenty of pizazz with a touch of tradition. Rather than using doubleknitting, it is simply knit as a tube on circular needles (or with DPNs) but has the look and warmth of double knit neckwear.

Named for the Fanaraak mountain in the region of Sogn in Norway, the word is derived from words meaning “glacier made of snow” and “mountain ridge” and so the chart seeks to present a convergence of snowflake and mountain motifs in a design worthy of the climate. True to the mountain whose name can be both masculine, “Fannaraaken,” and feminine, “Fannaraaki,” this scarf is unisex in its design.

Details are provided for use with fingering yarn, but use the yarn weight you prefer for variations on size, warmth, and appearance. It was designed with sock yarn in mind, a typical 410-430 yd skein of sock yarn should be enough for the MC (use the tips on the pattern to make sure you have enough yarn to complete the project) and approximately 240 yds for the CC. Gauge is not terribly important, the main thing is to find the right needle size for the yarn you select. Sport weight and DK weight yarns are also suitable for this design. The pattern provides written instructions, plus charts for the stranded design.


*Specific techniques employed besides or other than basic knit and purl.

fanaraaken display

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