Blooming Icicles Wide-mouth Tote Bag

Purchase and Download: Blooming Icicles Tote Bag on Ravelry

Colorful and versatile, felted/fulled tote bag, which can be paired with the larger Blooming Icicles Wide-Mouth Duffle Bag to make a luggage set. Charts with an option of two colorways are provided: a 4-color, monochromatic option with a max. 2 colors per row and a 12-color option that includes a number of 4-color rows.

This bag begins with a rectangular base and then stitches are picked up and the sides are knit in the round. Decreased stitches at the top of the sides become an integrated shoulder strap, front and back sides are each knit back and forth and become the top flaps which close. The addition of knit tabs for attaching rings for side handles is optional. Bag is knit with double-stranded yarn.

Finished dimensions (after fulling): 11.5 x 18 x 5.5


*Specific techniques employed besides or other than basic knit and purl.

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