Santa-Nisse-Tomte Hat

Free Download on Ravelry:  “Santa-Nisse-Tomte Hat”

Cast on a few stitches and…pop! The hat is done! Using super bulky yarn, you can knit this hat up in no time at all. Warm and playful—Can be knit in solid color of red so that, by eliminating the pompon, you have a Nisse or Tomte hat! Hat is worked from the brim to the point. For the cast on and first two rows, it is worked flat; thereafter, it is worked in the round. 

Sizes: Available in 4 sizes, from child to adult. (XS) 16” x 20” [40-1/2 x 51 cm]; (S) 18” x 21” [46 x 53-1/2 cm]; (M) 20” x 22” [51 x 56 cm]; (L) 22” x 23” [56 x 58-1/2 cm]


*Specific techniques employed besides or other than basic knit and purl.

grown nisse

2 nisses

nisse nelle

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