Sari Ribbon Basket

Purchase and Download: Sari Ribbon Basket on Ravelry

This quick knit makes a unique gift…if you can bare to part with it. Unlike many knit baskets, which are too floppy and fail to stand up, the slipped corner stitches and fold where the sides meet the bottom give this basket shape and sturdiness. Perfect to catch your keys and sunglasses near the door, or for storing small balls of left over yarn, or as a piece of art all on its own.

This pattern is knit in the round from the top down, using Super Bulky Sari Ribbon, although any other ribbon or fabric strips which have a measure of stiffness could be substituted. After the bowl is completed, stitches are picked up around the rim and a collar is knit with contrasting Bulky weight, plied yarn. The contrast of the traditional wool with the Bohemian styled ribbon not only heightens the visual interest of the bowl but serves to create a firmer lip at the opening.

While instructions are for a bowl which is 8” in diameter and 4” deep, the pattern can be easily modified for larger or smaller bowls.


*Specific techniques employed besides or other than basic knit and purl.

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