Feigefossen (a bandana cowl)

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The bandana style cowl presents a lighter, less bulky cowl that is especially suitable for 4-season wear by eliminating the extra folds in the back of the neck that is common to standard cowls. Offered in two sizes⎯each of which can be knit with less than a single skein of yarn⎯ this simple, unisex design is accessible for beginners as it employs only the most basic stitches. Initially, the cowl is knit in the round; then, stitches on the back of the cowl are bound off, leaving the bandana portion in the front to be knit flat with a decorative seed stitch edge that tapers inward to form the triangular bandana shape. This is the fourth piece of neckwear in a collection inspired by the astounding nature (mountains, and now a waterfall) in the Sogn og Fjordane region of Norway: first was Fanaraaken, second was Molden, third was Myrhorn. The inspiration for this design is Feigefossen, a spectacular waterfall; with a 218 meter free fall, Feigefossen is one the highest single drop waterfalls in Norway and certainly one of the most impressive. Difficulty level: Beginner.


*Specific techniques employed besides or other than basic knit and purl.
A “thousand thanks” to my test knitters on Ravelry⎯Burgundyann, Foxsan, kmorley632, Mock5, Torch79, and Ynnlay⎯and to you for purchasing and knitting my pattern.

Questions? Contact me here or as lotzakatz on Ravelry. Follow @ellensusannedesigns discussions on Facebook and Instagram.


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